Irish Showbands

Irish Showbands


The Irish showband scene flourished between the mid 1950s and the late 1970s. Dance halls across the country, both urban and rural, rocked to the sounds of these big bands and were the meeting place of choice for friends and young couples.

Playing a wide range of covers from rock and roll to country and western, the showbands were merited on their abitily to play the latest chart songs and above all else, 'keep the people dancing'!

Many thanks to Cathal Henry, a regular contributor to the Charlestown photo page and history section, who provided the showband memorabilia to make this archive possible.

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Altonaires Showband Atlantis Showband Black Aces Showband
The Barristers Showband College Showband The Westeners Showband
Bridesiders Showband Brose Walsh's Showband The Chancellors Showband
Decca Showband Dixietones Showband The Dixietones
The Express Showband The Fab Five Fab Five Showband
Hughie Trainor and the Globetrotters Monaco showband The Limits showband
The pasadena showband Pasadena
The Vanguard Six Viceroys Showband Young Vikings Showband
The Jimmy Johnston Showband The Ventures Showband Brendan O'Connor, the Vanguard Six
Savoy Showband The Vanguard Six